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Youth Strategy under the Youth Law of FBiH PDF  | Print |  E-mail

- Definition of a municipality youth strategy


Process of youth strategy development

- Remarks for working groups prior to initiating the course of action

- Meetings of a coordinating body and working groups

- Strategy's component elements

- Working groups documents

- Working groups actions

- Proposal for the composition of a coordinating body and working groups

- Youth Strategy under the Youth Law of FBiH

- Fill-out sheet forms


The Youth Law prescribes the youth strategy development, adoption, implementation and the corresponding monitoring at all levels of FBiH government, including the municipal level.

Let us highlight articles of the Youth Law of FBiH concerning a youth strategy and youth programmes as part of the strategy.


Article 4


''Youth strategy'' means the document of government institutions on programme approach to youth activities, including defined youth problems and needs, strategic orientation, strategic aims and measures for the implementation of strategic goals.


Let us interpret Article 4 at the level of local context:

"Document of governmental authority": The municipal authority has the obligation to develop, adopt and monitor implementation of this document.

- "with a programme based approach to young people's actions": A youth strategy shall incorporate developed programmes for each area, such as education, health, employment, social care, active participation of youth in society, youth leisure (culture, sports, arts ...) and the like.

- "includes defined problems and needs of young people": Upon developing documents it is important to rely on the problems and needs of young people, which have been identified in the course of a previously conducted survey.

- "includes strategic courses of action": Municipal authority shall determine the strategic orientation of youth that shall be followed in all areas of administrative authority.

- "includes goals of the strategy": Goals of the strategy are the goals we strive to reach during the enforcement of the strategy to solve problems and meet the needs of youth identified in the course of a conducted research.

- "includes measures for the realisation of the goals of the strategy": We have indicated that the strategy contains a programme based approach to youth. In order to achieve the goals, it is necessary for each programme that is for the field to define clear measures and activities that will directly affect the resolution of problems and fulfilment of young people's needs.


Article 6

All government levels in the Federation shall, in compliance with their competences, hold public debates and consultations with the participation of representatives from youth councils in the process of adoption of [ ... ] a youth strategy.


Article 14

Municipal, city and cantonal authorities shall independently ensure minimum measures related to youth work and youth activity plans, as well as mechanisms and capacities that include:


[…] establishing a competent working body for drafting, update and monitoring of implementation of local and cantonal youth strategies, which shall also include representatives from youth councils or youth associations;

research or research support with the aim of adoption of a youth strategy;


Article 25

The youth strategy […] shall be defined, adopted and implemented based on research on youth needs and problems.


Article 26

The youth programme as referred to in Paragraph 2 of Article 25 shall define: 

-     programme goals that have to be specific, adequate, measurable, achievable and suitable for monitoring;

-       programme implementation activities;

-       institutions in charge of programme implementation;

-       general financial, material, spatial and other requirements for programme implementation;

-       youth needs and problems identified based on expert research;

-       manner of motivating youth for voluntary participation in youth sector activities;

-       supervision and monitoring of success of programme implementation.


Article 38

A youth council shall directly participate in the process of drafting and implementation of youth strategies at the relevant level with the aim of contributing to the adoption and implementation of youth policy and youth programmes that meet youth needs and issues in the best possible way.


Article 40

A legal person will be punished with a fine varying between BAM 1,500.00 and 15,000.00 if:

[...] government bodies do not ensure minimum measures for youth work and youth activities, and mechanisms and capacities for the purposes of this law, in compliance with Article 14 [...];

The legal person defined as responsible will also be punished [...] with a fine varying between BAM 200.00 and 3,000.00.

A physical person shall also be punished [...] with a fine varying between BAM 150.00 and 1,500.00.

We have already indicated that Article 14 defines a youth strategy as one of the measures municipal authorities are obliged to ensure.


Article 42 

The competent authorities of the Federation, cantons and municipalities shall have the right to expand the definition of the youth age [...] up to 35 years of age in case of youth programmes related to employment, housing, education, IT and communication technologies, foreign language study, additional training or re-training, and other issues when the authorities consider it necessary.


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