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Written by Rejan Igor   
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 16:15

We keep repeting that we bear no prejudice for others. We repeat that, but we never actually wonder what prejudice really is.

Prejudice relates to a previously devised judgement on something we have poor knowledge of. If we have poor knowledge on something, we tend to observe it through stereotypes. These types of attitudes affect everyone in the BiH society, and particularly women and girls who undergo embarassement caused by injust relations between people based on gender differences. The cause for inequality is definitely discrimination, and in our society, it is not unusual that it is precisely the discrimination of men towards women who are deterred from progressing due to such attitudes and from exercising primary financial and social rights.

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That is something that negatively affects all of us, particularly our sisters, mothers, cousins and neighbours that might just be the part of the 47.2 % of women and girls who are over 15 years old and experience violence on a daily basis if they dare to confuse "male" and "female" roles. However, the struggle against dividing roles and achieving equality in all aspects in our society is the goal of the programme Strengthening the Institutions of USAID's partners in BiH. The cause is clear. It is celebrating the Orange Day that aims at promoting the basic goals of Orange Day with a prize campaign "Don't be henpecked and win a tablet!"

The photographies that describe discrimination and gender-based employment sent during the prize campaign were taken by Sanida Čajo from Sarajevo and Arsen Vukotić from Gradiška, who were also the winners of the prize campaign that was evaluated by a commission from the USAID Mission and the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

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"I took a photo of a girl who works in a garage, fixing an engine and working efficiently as a car mechanic. There is nothing odd about it, but we are simply not accustomed to such images in our society", said Arsen Vukotić from Gradiška. The prize-winner Sanida Čajo claims proudly that in her household there is no dividing or separating works according to gender. Sanida is especially proud of her husband who set san example of gender equality in treating her as a wifa and a mother privately as well as publicly. 

The Orange Day – the day of fighting violence over women and girls is a global initiative that is conducted by the Youth Network UNiTE and is celebrated on every 25th of the month. The implementor of the USAID programme is the Institute for Youth Development KULT that conducts the Orange Day activity. The following organisations are involved in the programme of strengthening capacities in 2013: U.G. Nešto Više, Mosaic Foundation, COI Step by Step, AEOBiH, CURE Foundation, CRMA, INFOHOUSE, O.O. Odisej Bratunac, CPCD, SUMERO, Democratic Youth Movement, Tuzla Partner, Youth Association REaktiv Zenica, Friends of Srebrenica, Museum of History of Sarajevo, NVO Altruist svjetlost, Association of families and persons with developmental difficulties Dajte nam šansu, The Sarajevo Open Centre, Rights for all, Centre for Sustainable Development,  Committee of Helsinki in RS, YiHR BiH, Association Glas of Eastern Sarajevo, Centre for Sustainable Development Brčko and the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

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